The traditional Japanese theatrical art of Noh has a history of around 650 years. In its early days, Okina was performed to open all official Noh programs. Extremely ritualistic in form, and regarded as representing the origin of Noh, the unusual piece features dances which celebrate a good harvest and pray for universal peace.

The background and meaning of Okina are shrouded in mystery. The Okina figure of a god appears to incorporate different religions and live in harmony with Nature. The god’s existence may provide hints on ways to improve human society in Japan and elsewhere.

The Okina Project, by means of the two wheels of exhibition and performance, is meant to reexamine Okina and transmit it anew to the world.



Discover the origins of Japan in the heart of nature

Nogaku shite goryu is a series of performances in which Okina is reviewed and transmitted to the world through the performance of Okina.

We are planning to hold outdoor Noh performances in various locations across Japan that are associated with Noh theatre, where you can experience nature and the seasons.

Okina in Kumamoto for the first time in decades


Tuesday, 9 March 2021
13:00 Opening 14:00 Public performance

※ A preliminary presentation will be given at 13:30.

Shuizenji Temple Noh Hall
SS seats
12,000 yen
S seats
7,500 yen
A seats
6,000 yen

※ Tax included, all seats with brochure

Shuizenji Temple Noh Hall
8-1 Suizenji Park, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto City, 862-0956
  • Get off at Suizenji Park, about 4 minutes walk
  • 10 minutes walk from Shinsuizenji on the JR Toyotomi Main Line
  • If you are coming by car, please use the nearby pay and display car park.
About the event
  • The event will be held rain or shine. In the event of inclement weather, the event may be rescheduled to be broadcast via the internet only.
  • This performance will be held in accordance with government guidelines for the prevention of the spread of COVID-19. Please note that the content of the performance may be subject to change depending on the spread of the virus.
  • For the most up-to-date information, please check our website before you arrive on the day.
About the visit and performance
  • Please wear a mask when you come to the event. We ask for your understanding and cooperation in the prevention of the COVID-19 infection and the security of the venue.
  • Please dress warmly as the event will take place outdoors.
  • Please note that there is no entry or exit during the performance of Okina. Please be aware of this in advance.
  • There will be filming on the day.
  • Please note that there may be changes to performers and other details.


We are planning an outdoor performance featuring Mr. Hosho Kazufusa, the 20th generation of the Hosho school.

Scheduled for 2021, details to be announced here, upon confirmation.

Performance dates and sessions are subject to change, to prevent the spread of the COVID-19.



Thinking of Okina in 2021

Online symposiums will be held in conjunction with performances and exhibitions in various locations.

We hope that you will be able to feel the deeper world of the Okina

The symposium will be streamed on the our YouTube channel.

You can subscribe to our channel in advance to receive notifications.

※ This Symposium is in Japanese.

TOKYO | The origin and philosophy of the Okina.


Friday 19 February 2021, 19:00-20:30

Free of charge (online streaming only) / archiving will be available

  • Matsuoka Shinpei
  • Nakazawa Shińichi
  • Okimoto Yukiko

KANAZAWA | Kaga Hosho's history as a starting point

Archived video



Kyoto exhibition planned for 2021

Details will be posted here as soon as they are available.

The following exhibition has now closed. Thank you very much for visiting us.

  • ① Noh Mask Okina type
    (Hakushikijyo, Important Art Object), Exhibited in 1st Half
  • Kariginu Robe (Noh costume) ,Whole period of exhibition
* Noh Mask listed in “about” will not be displayed.

Tokyo Exhibition


Exhibition period Thursday, 23 July - Sunday, 30 August, 2020
Exhibition Grounds 1-1-1 Mejirodai, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0015

The end of the exhibition period
Click here for an overview of the exhibition

Kanazawa Exhibition

Kanazawa Noh Museum

Exhibition period Saturday 12 December 2020 - Sunday 31 January 2021
Exhibition Grounds 1-2-25 Hirosaka, Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-0962 Japan

The end of the exhibition period

  • ① Noh Mask Okina type
    (Hakushikijyo, Important Art Object), Exhibited in 1st Half
  • Kariginu Robe (Noh costume) ,Whole period of exhibition
* Noh Mask listed in “about” will not be displayed.



An introduction to the Okina and a unique specialist book

Okina is a play in which a mysterious old man congratulates the world on its peace and tranquillity.

"Nogaku" theatre has carefully preserved and passed on this enigmatic and special performance to the present day.

Nature, art and thought ...... contain hints for us to live in the future.

The time has come to look again at Okina.